Fibre Cement Board

Fibre Cement Board

Fiber Cement Boards are available from Everest Industries-India, manufactured on state of the art Hatschek process with microprocessor and PLC based controls for high density, strength and durability.

Advantages: Moisture proof, Termite Proof, Fire Resistant

                       High Thermal and Sound/ Acoustic insulation properties

                       Joint-less with Paint, Texture, Veneer Finish

                       For interior/exterior wall cladding, partition with dry wall construction along with Timber,

                       Steel, Aluminium in living rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Offices and Commercial buildings.  


Size: 120 x 240 cm

         120 x 270* cm, 120 x 300* cm             *= On special orders we arrange these sizes


Thickness: 4, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 25 mm


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